VICLLAX Shade Fabric Privacy Screen: A Sun Shade Solution

VICLLAX Shade Fabric Privacy Screen: A Sun Shade Solution

Looking for ⁢the⁢ perfect shade solution for ‌your patio or garden? Look no further than the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth Privacy Screen ⁤with Grommets! We‍ recently had the opportunity to test out this 6×10 FT⁣ shade cloth in ⁤the ‌beautiful wheat ⁣color, and we were blown away by ‌its‍ quality and‌ durability. With up to 90% UV blockage and‍ made⁣ of durable‌ 200 ⁤GSM HDPE material,‌ this shade fabric is not ⁤only functional⁤ but ⁣also stylish. Whether you’re looking to create a cool oasis ⁤on your​ patio or add some privacy to your pergola, this shade cloth has you‍ covered. ⁣Stay tuned for ​our ⁤full review to learn more about our experience with this amazing product!

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When it comes to creating a comfortable​ and private outdoor space, this Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth Privacy Screen is a game-changer. Its breathable fabric allows just enough light in while still providing a sense of privacy ⁢from the outside world. The reinforced binding‍ on all edges and double⁢ grommets⁢ on each corner ⁤ensure durability and strength,⁣ so you can enjoy your⁣ space worry-free.

Whether‌ you’re looking to shade your patio,​ pergola, or garden, this Canopy is the ideal solution. ‍Made of durable ‌200⁢ GSM HDPE material, it ​offers ‌up to 90% UV block screening to ‍keep you cool and protected. With ⁣solid ⁣grommets every 2 feet for easy installation, this Sun Shade‍ Cloth ⁣is ‌a must-have for ⁣anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living ​space. Don’t miss out on this versatile ‍and practical product – ⁢get yours today!

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Premium ​Quality Shade‌ Fabric with​ Grommets

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We were ​in need of a high-quality shade⁣ fabric for our patio, and ⁤we couldn’t be happier with the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth. The 6×10 FT size was perfect for‌ our space, providing just enough coverage while still‌ allowing some light to shine‍ through. ‍The wheat color added ⁤a nice touch ‍to our outdoor area, blending in nicely with the natural surroundings.

The durable 200 GSM⁤ HDPE material with knitted construction gives us peace of mind ⁢that this shade fabric ⁤will last for years‍ to ‍come. The reinforced ‌binding on all edges and double ⁢grommets on each corner ensure that it stays strong and tear-resistant. Installing the fabric was a breeze with a solid grommet placed ‍every 2 feet along ⁤the edge. Overall, we⁢ highly ‍recommend this shade fabric for anyone looking to create a cool and private outdoor oasis. Check it⁣ out on ⁢Amazon ‍for yourself and see what ⁤a​ difference it can make for your space! Get yours now!

Versatile‌ and Practical Design

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Our VICLLAX ‍Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth is truly a that is perfect for a variety of outdoor spaces.⁤ The breathable shade fabric ‍allows just enough light to ‍provide ​privacy without completely blocking the view, making ​it ideal for creating a cool and comfortable environment. With​ reinforced binding covering all edges and⁢ double grommets on each corner,⁣ this shade fabric ⁤is durable and built to last.

Whether you are looking⁤ to cover your patio,‍ pergola, pool area, or garden,⁤ this shade ‌fabric is the⁣ perfect solution. The 200 GSM HDPE material with knitted construction resists tearing and fraying, ensuring long-lasting​ use. With solid grommets‍ placed every​ 2‌ feet along each edge,⁤ installation is a breeze. Plus, with hassle-free customer service‍ and free replacement, you ​can trust that you⁣ are getting a quality product. Upgrade your outdoor space with our VICLLAX Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth today!

Features Specifications
Up to 90% UV Block 6×10 FT Size
Reinforced ⁢Binding 200 GSM HDPE​ Material
Double Grommets Knitted Construction
Versatile Use Hassle-free Customer Service

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Recommendation and Final Thoughts

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We highly recommend the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth for anyone looking to add some ⁣privacy and‌ shade to their outdoor space. The breathable ⁣fabric allows just enough light to filter through while still providing a sense of seclusion. The‍ reinforced ‌binding on all edges and double grommets in each corner ensure⁣ durability and⁣ strength, making this ‍shade ‍cloth a long-lasting solution for your patio, pergola, or garden.

With up to ‌90% UV blockage, this shade fabric not only keeps ‍you cool but also protects ‌you ⁢from harmful sun rays. The easy installation with solid‌ grommets every 2 feet​ makes setting up this ⁤privacy screen a breeze. Plus, with hassle-free customer service and a free replacement⁢ policy, ⁣you ⁢can trust‌ that you’re getting a quality product that will enhance your ⁣outdoor living space. Don’t miss out ​on creating ⁤a cozy oasis with the VICLLAX Shade Fabric​ Sun​ Shade ‌Cloth – get yours today! Check⁣ it out on Amazon.

Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth​ Privacy Screen, we have gathered valuable insights ⁣from satisfied customers:

Positive Reviews:

Offers great shade⁤ and privacy
Easy to install and looks nice
Works well in providing sun coverage
Well-made product and fits perfectly
Provides just the right⁢ amount of diffusion

Customers appreciated the effectiveness of the shade cloth in providing shade and⁣ privacy. They found the product easy to install and well-made, fulfilling its purpose of blocking the sun’s​ rays while maintaining visibility.

Negative Reviews:

One customer experienced a rip during the first rainstorm
Some customers found the provided cords insufficient for stability
One customer received ⁤a shade cloth with a partially crushed eyelet

While most ‍customers were satisfied with their purchase, some experienced issues⁤ such as‍ rips during rainstorms and insufficient cords for stability. VICLLAX promptly addressed these concerns, offering⁢ replacements or refunds when necessary.

Overall, the VICLLAX Shade Fabric ‌Sun Shade Cloth Privacy Screen received positive feedback for its sun‌ coverage, privacy, and ease of⁣ use. Customers found it to be a well-constructed product that served its purpose effectively.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons:


  • Provides up to 90% UV ​blockage
  • Made of durable 200⁣ GSM HDPE ⁣material
  • Reinforced binding and double grommets for added strength
  • Breathable⁢ fabric⁣ allows for some light and air circulation
  • Easy installation with grommets on each edge


Pros: Cons:
UV blockage May not⁣ block out⁤ all the ‍sunlight
Durable ⁢material May ⁤fray over time
Reinforced binding and grommets Some customers may find it ​difficult ⁤to install
Breathable⁢ fabric May not provide ‌complete privacy
Simple installation Size may not ‌fit all spaces


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Q: How does the VICLLAX Shade Fabric⁣ Privacy Screen hold up in windy ​conditions?
A: The double grommets on each corner of the shade fabric ensure that it stays firmly in place, even in windy conditions. Additionally,‌ the‌ reinforced⁣ binding along‌ the edges helps prevent tearing and fraying, making it ​a durable and reliable option for creating privacy and shade ‍in⁣ your outdoor space.

Q:‍ Can this privacy ⁢screen be used for different purposes ‌other than just providing shade?
A: Absolutely! The VICLLAX‍ Shade Fabric Privacy Screen ⁣is ‍versatile and can⁤ be used for⁤ a variety of purposes, such as creating a barrier⁢ for privacy, wind protection, ⁣and⁢ even as a cover ​for your garden or pool. Its ⁢breathable⁣ material allows just⁣ enough⁣ light to filter through, providing you with privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the view.

Q: How easy is it to ⁢install the privacy ⁢screen?
A:​ Installing the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Privacy Screen is a⁢ breeze! With solid ⁤grommets placed ‍every‌ 2 feet ‍along each edge, you can easily‍ secure it in place ‍using hooks, ropes, ​or⁢ zip ties. ‌The hassle-free installation process makes‌ it a convenient and practical⁤ solution for adding shade ⁣and privacy to your‍ outdoor space.

Q: ‍Is the VICLLAX Shade Fabric Privacy Screen durable and long-lasting?
A: Yes, the shade fabric is made of durable 200 GSM HDPE material with knitted construction, which resists tearing and fraying. The reinforced ⁢binding along the edges and the double​ grommets on each corner ‌add to ‍its strength⁣ and longevity. You can⁢ trust that this privacy screen will serve you well for many seasons to come.

Q: What sets the VICLLAX Shade‍ Fabric Privacy Screen apart from other⁣ options⁢ on the market?
A: The VICLLAX ​Shade Fabric Privacy Screen ⁣offers⁣ a⁤ perfect‌ balance of privacy, shade, and durability. ‌Its breathable material provides just enough ⁢light to create‌ a comfortable ​and cool outdoor space, while the reinforced edges and grommets ensure that it stays ​securely in place. Plus, with hassle-free customer service and free ​replacement, you can ​trust that ⁣you’re ‌getting ⁣a quality product that will ​enhance‍ your outdoor living ⁣experience.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we conclude our review​ of the ⁢VICLLAX Shade Fabric Privacy⁢ Screen, we cannot help but​ be impressed by its durability, functionality, and stylish design. This sun shade solution is truly a game-changer for any ‌outdoor space, providing‍ the perfect balance of privacy and sunlight.

If you’re looking to upgrade ⁣your patio, pergola, or ‌garden with a ‌high-quality shade⁤ fabric, look no further than VICLLAX. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your outdoor oasis into a cool,‌ comfortable retreat with⁢ this ​amazing product.

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